Richland Single Estate Virgin Coastal Rum – Platinum

Unaged, Unfiltered - Still Strength

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Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum, directly from the Still, is Unaged, Unaltered and Unfiltered. This Expression has been designed to bring out the floral and vegetal notes of the Sugar Cane from which the Rum was made. The Virgin Rum is Platinum Edition and is bottled at “still strength”. This Virgin Coastal Georgia Expression defines the term “Single Estate”- Unaged, Unaltered and Unfiltered, from The Cane fields of Richland Estate, to you.

E.L.I.S.A. Certified Gluten-Free

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The Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum allows the nose to open with a strong grassy, vegetal, sugar cane juicy character with a hint of field flowers and sweet perfume. The palate is fresh, open, light with champagne flavors and promotes ginger, nuts, white grapes and a whiff of mint. The finish is short and clean and adds honey, citrus and a touch of pine.

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375 mL, 750 mL

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