DISTILLERY TOURS Explore Tours Experience “America’s Best Rum” at its source

Distiller’s Experience Tour Brunswick

A 40min tour of the Distillery that offers a rare glimpse into the traditional techniques and artisan methods used by our Distiller. Tour concludes with a  tasting flight of rare, specially selected Richland Rum Expressions, including “RR20”.

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Expressions Tour Brunswick

A 30min tour of the Distillery that focuses on the artistry required to make each Richland Rum Expression. Tour concludes with a traditional tasting flight of 5 Richland Rum Expressions.

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Complimentary Tour Brunswick

Guests will tour the Distillery to learn about the traditional processes, artisan equipment, and wonderful people who make Richland Rum “America’s Best Rum.” (apx. 15 minutes)

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Richland Rum Single-Estate Tour

Discover what it means to be a Single-Estate Rum Distillery by touring each phase of the Richland Rum Making Process. Includes a visit to our sugarcane farm at Richland Estate.

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