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Rum Purchases

Shop the notable Richland Rum Portfolio online for all available Expressions and limited release Commemorative Selections. Online purchases come with in-store or curbside pickup at the Distilleries in Richland or Brunswick.

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Pre-Made Cocktails

Our popular pre-made cocktails are available for purchase online with in-store or curbside pickup at the Distilleries in Richland and Brunswick. All the latest recipes are listed along with current availability.

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Richland Almost Rum

Richland Almost Rum 100% Sugarcane Syrup(0% Alcohol) made from sustainably grown Richland Estate Sugarcane. Low glycemic Index, no preservatives, no additives, no color agents, no sodium. Richland Almost Rum is the base liquid we use to make Richland Rum.

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Distillery Tours

Richland Rum is now a world-renowned sipping spirit, but every Rum Expression begins on our Sugarcane Farm at Richland Estate just like it always has since 1999. Our Richland Location is home to our Barrel House with an inventory of over 1000 barrels containing our notable Aged Rum Expressions. Brunswick is the second home of Richland Rum, opening to the public in 2018. We restored an old shipping warehouse in order to furnish our Alembic Copper Pot Stills which are responsible for distilling most of our Virgin Coastal Georgia Rum Expression, among other unique Distillery Only Expressions.

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