Richland Rum Roll

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One Single-Estate Rum. Five Exemplary Expressions.

Every bottle of Richland Rum begins on the Sugarcane Farm at Richland Estate, yet no two bottles of Richland Rum are ever the same. Our Single-Estate, Single-Batch, Single-Barrel way of making Rum ensures that each sip of Richland Rum will be unique, authentic, and exquisite. Although each Expression begins as the same Rum, variations in Aging and/or Cask Exchanges will result in very different masterpieces upon bottling.

The Richland Rum Roll allows you to experience five Richland Rum Expressions from our notable Rum Portfolio in quaint 50 mL size bottles. Each Expression is marked with its traditional label: Virgin Coastal GA in Blue, Classic in Gold, Cask Strength in Black, Port Cask Exchange in Red, and Imperial Milk Stout Cask Exchange in Green.

To learn more about the Richland Rum Expressions Portfolio, please click HERE.

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