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Cask 357 - Limited Edition


Every once in a while, there is a barrel of Richland Rum that is so exceptional that it defies understanding. Like any great artwork, our Rum is subjective, it is not forced or manipulated.  Cask 357 is not the result of some elaborate scientific experiment. It is the same Rum made from Richland Estate grown sugar cane, fermented and distilled just as we always do and then put into a new American White Oak barrel, just as the other casks in our Barrel House were done.  However, during its nearly seven years of aging, the Rum and wood of Cask 357 created a nearly perfect symphony of colors, aromas, flavors and overall sensations.

Bottled at 137.3 proof, it is our highest A.B.V. ever, and with only 160 bottles, it is our most limited bottling ever.

T.J. Harris, our Master Distiller in Richland, says of Cask 357: “Beautifully balanced aromas distinguish this truly exceptional Rum. Buttery, with a hint of cloves, raisins, figs, prunes and sweet orange. Toffee, cacao and tobacco are constantly lingering in the background.”

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